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    Aug 02 2016

    Find your Tribe, love them hard.

    This card is one of our favorites - such a simple but powerful saying. It resonates deep with us.

    Whether your tribe is big or small, we all need to feel like we are a part of something. This card is a reminder to give thanks those who provide us with that sense of being loved, supported. Of belonging.

    Catherine used it as a way to connect with her friends post-grad: 

    "College is the time where I felt like I had truly found my “tribe”.

    After graduating, it was intimidating to leave my dear friends behind and start over in a new state. Despite the miles now standing between us, our friendships have only continued to grow. A huge part of this has been because of the support and encouragement we can offer one another with our words.

    Personally, I love sending letters because it forces me to take a second, collect my thoughts and really think about what I am trying to communicate. I have gotten so many calls letting me know that my letter came “at just the right time”, and that it had turned a rough day into a good one. When you are taking time to offer someone such a tangible encouragement, the smallest gesture can make someone feel loved in a very big way.

    As much as I know my letters have meant to my friends, I feel like I have gained just as much by getting to tell my best friends how much I cherish them. We all long to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, and it is so affirming to know that someone considers you a part of their tribe."

    Our cards are so much better when they are filled with your encouraging words. We hope that you have found your tribe, now love them hard!

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